About Us

We Value the Environment and Our Customers
Mission Statement: To provide packaging products to our clients that meet or exceed their expectations in Quality, Delivery and Price, while maintaining efforts to be sustainable.
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We Value the Environment

At McLure Packaging Systems and Supplies we just don’t say that the environment is valuable we act on it. That’s why we put so much emphasis on our recovery and recycling program.

As a supplier of custom packaging materials to industrial customers in New England, McLure Packaging Systems and Supplies understands the importance of using recycled materials whenever possible. We partner with a number of recycling groups in Vermont and Quebec. Our foam manufacturer is the only expanded plastics manufacturer in Quebec which recovers and recycles 100 percent of its expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polypropylene (EPP) wastes, both in its factories and that generated by its clients.

McLure Packaging Systems and Supplies is proud to partner with our fabricators and clients to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging materials.

We Value Our Customers

We live in the community we serve and we often use the products our partners create! We’ve watched as our partners have grown, beyond humble back yard sheds and hole-in-the-wall side-hustles to bustling economic drivers. They are often too small to work directly with manufactures; which is where we come in. We act on behalf of our manufacturing partners and they view us as their local/regional representatives.