McLure Packaging Systems & Supplies Offers Many Services
  • Innovative Custom Design
  • Partnerships with Manufacturing and Fabrication Plants
  • Management of Safety Stocks and Regular Inventory
  • Interactive Stock Management
  • Consulting Services
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Innovative Custom Design of Packing Systems and Supplies

McLure has a knowledgeable and customer friendly staff to support you in finding the best packaging solutions for your business. Over 15 years of experience developing custom design of packaging and material shipping and handling systems.

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Partnerships with Manufacturing and Fabrication Plants

Our manufacturing partners understand the high quality of products and services McLure clients demand. We work closely in all phases of design, manufacturing and quality control with our fabrication groups to deliver the best products, on time and at competitive prices.

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Management of Safety Stocks and Regular Inventory

Stock management is tailored to our customers needs.

We can support your business in reducing space at your facility devoted to packaging materials saving you storage space costs and reducing lost and damaged material due to excessive handling.

Interactive Stock Management

We can help with ‘Just in Time’ and ‘Interactive Stock Management’ of packaging product delivery to your facility.

Our years of experience in a number of supply chain management models allows you to immediately lower the cost of doing business. We can work together in developing a seamless consistent supply program for you packaging needs, tailored to your production schedules.

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Consulting Services

Packaging design on contract basis. Ask about our hourly and project based program.

You can hire McLure Packaging Systems and Supplies on an hourly or project-by-project basis to find solutions to your existing packaging program. We will support you with individual or total package design initiatives.